MBO Cinemas to feature new cast from Coca-Cola

MCAT Box Office Sdn Bhd (MBO Cinemas) has appointed Coca-Cola Malaysia under a new beverage concession agreement that will feature a completely new range of drinks choices to quench the thirst of cinemagoers at its 27 cinemas across the country. MBO Cinemas is the third largest cinema chain in Malaysia, with 27 locations and 213 screens nationwide that offers special hall such as BIG SCREEN, KECIL, MX4D and PREMIER to cater to all kinds of cinemagoers from the discerning and adventurous to couple and family with young children.

Under the four-year agreement, the wide variety of halal beverages produced by CocaCola Malaysia to be served include Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Sprite, Fanta Strawberry, A&W Sarsaparilla, Aquarius, Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea, Minute Maid Refresh Orange, Minute Maid Pulpy Orange, Minute Maid Qoo Fuji Apple, Dasani mineral water, Glaceau Vitamin Water (Essential, Power C & Restore) and Georgia Coffee.

From Left to Right; Eric Tan, Commercial Director for Bottling Investment Group Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei, The Coca-Cola Company. Wee Li Ying, Customer Development & SIMA Digital Transformation Director, The Coca-Cola Company. Gareth McGeown, Chief Executive Officer, Bottling Investment Group Singapore-Malaysia-Brunei, The Coca-Cola Company. Lim Eng Hee, Chief Executive Officer, MBO Cinemas. Cheah Chun Wai, Chief Operation Officer, MBO Cinemas.

For an icy experience, there is also an upgrade option to Frozen Coca-Cola and Frozen Fanta Grape for only RM1 more at MBO Citta Mall, MBO Subang, MBO Setapak Sentral, MBO Kepong Village, MBO Klang, MBO Kuantan, MBO Ipoh and MBO Batu Pahat. The agreement was officially signed in Petaling Jaya today by Gareth McGeown, Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola’s Bottling Investment Group Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei, and Lim Eng Hee, Chief Executive Officer of MBO Cinemas. Witnessing the signing were Coca-Cola Malaysia’s Customer Development & Digital Transformation Director, Wee Li Ying and MBO Cinemas Chief Operation Officer, Cheah Chun Wai.

“The concession stand is where the immersive cinema experience all begins and we are proud to be able to improve and enhance the experience for MBO cinemagoers now with a range of icy cold beverages from Coca-Cola to go with the fresh popcorn and snacks. I
would like to compliment MBO on its excellent casting decision in choosing Coca-Cola Malaysia as its co-star,” said McGeown.

McGeown said the partnership with MBO is part of Coca-Cola’s continued commitment to the market and its customers in Malaysia, where the Company has already invested over RM1 billion since 2010 and has last year announced an additional investment of
RM500 million.

“We will continue to invest in delivering to Malaysian consumer’s changing tastes and needs and to growing our presence in the country which has a positive effect on the economy, employment and importantly our local business partners like MBO.” MBO Cinemas Chief Executive Officer, Lim Eng Hee said, “Whether it is a refreshing cold drink to complement our fresh popcorns or a hot, freshly brewed Georgia Coffee, the wide of beverages offered by Coca-Cola at our cinemas will elevate the whole movie going experience.”

Author: Ahmad Nazri Ngah @ Blitzenius

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