Senarai penuh penerima anugerah Festival Filem Malaysia ke-29 (FFM29)

Filem Terbaik – ADIWIRAKU

Pengarah Terbaik – Dain Iskandar Said (INTERCHANGE)

Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik – Nam Ron (REDHA)
Pelakon Wanita Terbaik -Sangeeta Krishnasamy (ADIWIRAKU)
Pelakon Pembantu Lelaki Terbaik – Shaheizy Sam (INTERCHANGE)
Pelakon Pembantu Wanita Terbaik – Diana Danielle (HANYUT)

Pengarah Harapan – Tunku Mona Riza (REDHA)
Pelakon Lelaki Harapan – John Tan (YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME)
Pelakon Wanita Harapan- June Lojong (REDHA)

Pelakon Kanak-Kanak Terbaik – Harith Haziq (REDHA)

Cerita Asal Terbaik – Jason Chong (ADIWIRAKU)
Lakon Layar Terbaik – Saw Teong Hin (YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME)

Skor Muzik Terbaik – David Koon (YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME)
Penataan Seni Terbaik – Zaharah Nakibullah (INTERCHANGE)
Penyunting Terbaik – Nazim Shah (J REVOLUSI)
Sinematografi Terbaik – Jordan Chiam (INTERCHANGE)
Penataan Bunyi Terbaik – Daniel (HANYUT)
Kostum/Busana Terbaik – Akma Suriati Awang (HANYUT)

Anugerah Karyawan Sepanjang Zaman – Yusof Haslam
Anugerah Penggiat Belakang Tabir – Johan Ariffin Ibrahim

Anugerah Khas Juri (Isu Sosial Masalah Dadah) – PEKAK
Anugerah Khas Juri (Nilai Kemanusiaan) – SHUTTLE LIFE
Anugerah Khas Juri (Kesan Khas Visual) – DESOLASI

Filem Box Office – ABANG LONG FADIL 2

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Jazzy Pictures first ever distributed film – ‘Peace Breaker’ finally is coming to town! The date of the movie premiere is set on 29th September 2017 (Friday), 9pm at MBO Cinema, Starling Mall. Aaron Kwok played the main male actor of the film, ‘Peace Breaker’ will be releasing on 5th October 2017 (Thursday) in specific cinemas in Malaysia.
‘Peace Breaker’ not only have star-studded casts to be the main actors, it is also filmed in Malaysia which became the biggest selling point of the movie. ‘Peace Breaker’ is remake of the Korean thriller ‘A Hard Day’ which is about a dramatic suspense story. Cop theme has been the main force on the big screen. From ancient to modern, the story plot often with clear and evil scene to lack of innovation. But ‘Peace Breaker’ as a cop criminal action film is a peculiar theme. Movie ’Peace Breaker’ not only brings up the story plot into the sense of society, as well as ’bad’ system and ‘bad’ psychological reactance. There is no perfection in the film of the salvation hero, only contest between big evil and small evil. ‘Peace Breaker’ as a crop theme film not only pointed out a new idea, it brings up all the way in condition of unexpected surprise from the beginning to the end. ‘Peace Breaker’ as the recently theme of rare production, it is quite worthy to concerned.

Those films such as ‘ Make-up ‘, ‘Sweet Alibis’ which were directed  by famous director, Lien Yi-Chi had a collaboration with Huang Zhi Ming producer, who won the 51st Taipei Golden Horse Award working together to carry out a cop a crime film ‘Peace Breaker’. The play also invited Liu Tao, Yu Ai Lei and other crews to support in the film. Two best actor winners, Aaron Kwok have his first time collaboration with Wang Qianyuan for this film.

Aaron Kwok had changed the setting of a messenger of the past in the film ’Peace Breaker’. Kwok who has always played the good guy will for the first time play a bad and corrupt cop.  In the movie, the characteristics that Kwok played is a bad corrupt, such as drunk driving, escaped from an accident, and even attempted to kill people. This characteristics completely subvert the impression in the audience has always been awe-inspiring image. The character played by Wang Qianyuan -Chen Changmin is a must have to guard against pure evil of the positive anti-angle. It breaks the balance of the general film in good and evil characters they used to be. Therefore, it becomes a big point of ’Peace Breaker’.

In 42nd Taiwan Golden Horse Awards ceremony in 2005, Kwok was the surprise winner of Best Leading Actor award for his role in the film ‘Divergence’ have defeated the experience of the “masterful actor” Tony Leung Ka. Continuous years, Kwok won the Best Actor Award again for his role in the film ‘After This Our Exile’. He became the only actor to win the Best Actor Award consecutively in the history of Golden Horse Awards. Apart from that, Kwok won the Best Actor in 35th Hong Kong Film Awards. For the theme of crime suspense, has starred in ‘Divergence’, ‘Silent Witness’, Kwok characterize as familiar with his job. This time, with his partner, Wang early with virtue of ‘Piano In A Factory’ won the Tokyo International Film Festival winner, while in the gangster film ‘Saving Mr. Wu’ where there are impressive performances.

In addition, apart from the weight classes of actor, the dramatic plot, the opponents and the breakers are struggling with life and death, as well as fight and struggle scenes, it is absolutely let the audiences feel into “the council is dead, broken is born” tense of atmosphere. ‘Peace Breaker’ be sure is one of the worthlessness Chinese action criminal movie in this year. Stay tuned to Jazzy Pictures’s social media for more goodies from‘Peace Breaker’.

Eksklusif Tonton: BY MY SIDE, filem sulung dari JinnyboyTV

Eksklusif dari Tonton, filem sulung terbitan JinnyboyTV arahan Reuben Kang menampilkan para pelakon seperti Marianne Tan (OlaBola), Brandon Ho, Nadia Nash, Josephine Yap, Arwind Kumar, Maggy Wang dan Adam Shamil. Bakal ditayangkan di pawagam TGV  pada 16 September bersempena Hari Malaysia.

Sinopsis: Rakan zaman kecil Faye dan Ben membesar di Subang Jaya dan mereka sering bergaul dengan jiran dan rakan sekolah mereka. Dari masa ke semasa cinta di antara mereka mula berputik. Bagaimanapun, apabila mereka menamatkan sekolah menengah, Faye mendapat tahu Ben merancang untuk pergi ke Australia untuk melanjutkan pengajian. Dia perlu menghadapi hubungan jarak jauh dan membiasakan diri hidup seorang diri di Malaysia.

Temui para pelakon By My Side di lokasi-lokasi berikut:

TGV Sunway Pyramid
16 September 2017
3.00 hingga 6.00 petang

TGV Gurney Paragon, Pulau Pinang
17 September 2017
3.00 hingga 6.00 petang

TGV Vivacity Megamall, Kuching
20 September 2017
6.00 petang hingga 9.00 malam

TGV AEON Tebrau City, Johor Bahru
23 September 2017
3.00 hingga 6.00 petang

Di samping itu, kemeja-T ‘couple’ filem ini (dijual 2 unit) boleh didapati di pawagam-pawagam TGV berikut mulai 15th September 2017: TGV Sunway Pyramid, TGV One Utama, TGV Tebrau City, TGV Bukit Tinggi, TGV Jaya, TGV Wangsawalk, TGV Sunway Velocity, TGV Kinta City, TGV Gurney Paragon, TGV Dpulse, TGV Viva City, TGV Miri, TGV Seri Manjung, TGV Taiping dan TGV Rawang.

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