Pepsi Presents, Karak: Haunted Highway, Brought To Life At ICEBOX

The Livescape Group in partnership with HITMAN Solutions announces the nation’s first all-immersive, interactive drive-in experience. Aptly named the ICEBOX (In-Car Experience), the drive-in experience is set to be a fun and engaging attraction for all. Expect various themed drives, theatrical stories and unexpected immersive pop-up surprises along the way, all from the comfort of your car.

Are you bold enough to brave the unknown? Fittingly, to kick off a series of drive-in experiences here in Malaysia, Pepsi will present to scare-seekers, KARAK, this October. In similar nature to how Pepsi brought a brand new twist to Malaysians with the launch of Pepsi Black, Pepsi kicks off another first with this all new drive-in exhilarating experience, in line with their unmatched testament to being bold, enticing those who are brave enough to drive-in.

Infamous for unnamed mysteries and stories that haunt generations, this spooky edition of ICEBOX will drive you along a journey of unavoidable scares and thrills in a fully enclosed LED pod with live theatrical actors to get the audience to literally jump off their seats. Drive-throughs are gaining traction globally due to the pandemic, with the increase of cravings for interactive experiences adhering to social distancing norms. Netflix USA has recently announced a Stranger Things-themed drive-through experience, while one of Japan’s popular horror drive-throughs sold out on the day of release and currently has a waiting list of 1000 people. ICEBOX will provide a fresh take on the in-car experience with this drive-in through a blend of state-of-the-art technology and spooky theatrics.

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