[FILEM] A WRINKLE OF TIME – Reaksi penonton

Azime Zainudin: A Wrinkle In Time sebuah filem Disney yang agak hambar bagi saya!!! Tak tahulah kenapa saya rasa macam serba tak cukup ja dengan filem ini!! 6/10

Aini Leng MI Fung: Seriussssssss hambar. I feel so wasted. Gila expectation tak tinggi, Oprah Winfrey kot, and then Reese Witherspoon somehow. And poster so gempak ala-ala Avatar and somehow sucks. 2/10

Aminudin Abdul Aziz: Pergh…. tak tahu kenapa filem ni buat aku nak balik je. Tak pernah rasa macam tu sebelum ni. Filem Abuya tu pun aku tengok sampai habis. Banyak scene buang masa nak-nak masa kat ending tu. Lepas tu aku geram budak ni lembab betul, hahaha.

Rating purata:

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Plot: Selepas mendapat tahu bapanya Dr.Alex Murry, yang merupakan seorang saintis, telah diculik dan disembunyikan di planet lain, Meg Murry bekerjasama dengan adiknya Charles yang sangat bijak, rakan kelasnya Calvin O`Keefe dan tiga pengembara angkasa lepas, Mrs Which, Mrs. Who dan Mrs. Whatsit untuk menyelamatkan bapanya.

Klasifikasi: P13
Tarikh Tayangan: 8 Mac 2018
Genre: Pengembaraan / Kekeluargaan / Fantasi
Durasi: 1 Jam 50 Minit
Pengedar: Walt Disney Pictures
Pelakon: Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Storm Reid, Zach Galifianakis, Chris Pine
Pengarah: Ava DuVernay


Helloween Pumpkins United Live In Malaysia

Helloween Pumpkins United Live In Malaysia

It’s a celebration for Malaysian Metal fan. The mighty speedmetal/powermetal legend Helloween will perform live in Kuala Lumpur for the first time in their career on 28th April 2018, MAEPS Serdang.


Here comes the sensation for all HELLOWEEN fans: You believed in it for years and continued to ask for it – now is the time: In fall 2017, Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen will once again mount a HELLOWEEN stage together and resurrect the band’s legendary original line-up. Yes, it’s official: Weikath, Kiske, Hansen, Grosskopf are going to play HELLOWEEN classics live and on a joint tour. Massive news. Awesome. But you might want to sit down again, because that’s not all of it! Under the flag PUMPKINS UNITED all pumpkin heads will step up – meaning Andi & Michi on vocals, Kai & Weiki & Sascha on guitars, and Markus & Dani in the rhythm section.

Undisputedly, HELLOWEEN are one of Germany’s most respected metal exports and considered the founders of German melodic speed metal. As godfathers of the genre, they have grown to become one of the most influential metal bands of the planet. In an unbelievable career reaching back as far as 1984, HELLOWEEN have performed at innumerable metal festivals around the globe such as Rock in Rio, Loudpark in Tokyo, Wacken or the Woodstock in Poland, which they headlined in front of over 500,000 fans.

The band has delivered countless headliner world tours, spectacular shows with the likes of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dio, Slayer, or Ozzy Osbourne to name just a few, and played at exotic locations in Borneo, Indonesia, Manaus, Brazil, or, at over 10,600 ft in the world’s highest capital, La Paz, Bolivia. The band’s spectacular show at the »Monsters Of Rock« festival in Castle Donington in front of over 100,000 metal heads in 1988 was just as memorable as the massive MTV »Headbanger’s Ball« US tour with Anthrax and Exodus. Including genre masterpieces »Keeper of the Seven Keys« Part I & II, they’ve released 15 studio- and three live albums to date, selling over eight million records and earning fourteen gold and six platinum awards. For 30 years, HELLOWEEN have been delighting their fans with fantastic riffs, great songs, and haunting melodies – three decades of a global career they officially celebrated in 2015. This is when the idea for PUMPKINS UNITED was born: as well as touring with Kai made them realize that this band’s story is demanding its next chapter. Or, as Michael Kiske describes it: »Playing an original HELLOWEEN track with Unisonic was quite a flashback already, but rocking with the original line-up and Andi will be something really special. The time has come!« The chemistry between Kiske, Hansen, Weikath, and Grosskopf is singular – and sees its revival not least because of you: You’ve never stopped asking for it – now the mega event is coming up live, with the complete cast, and heavily wired!


The super tour’s first confirmed date is October 28, 2017 in Sao Paulo and takes the full PUMPKINS entourage across selected cities and venues in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the US. An extremely big deal, which, including a few secret surprises, will present almost three hours of the biggest hits from three decades of HELLOWEEN as the band will obviously insist on performing a full-speed trip through the HELLOWEEN repertoire. »We already had an awesome time on the Hellish Rock part 1 & 2, but this time we’ll definitely double down on it« says Kai Hansen, and Markus Grosskopf adds: »There’ll for sure be songs that we haven’t played in a very long time or even ever before.« Whoever doesn’t secure tickets for this tour, probably doesn’t have all their pumpkins in a row: The original line-up wants to celebrate a global party with you, which is also going to be highly emotional because this SPECIAL WORLD TOUR is actually not a reunion and most probably won’t happen again. Andi channels our metal hearts when he says: »I’m so much looking forward to playing Michi’s and my tunes together with him live on stage. It’s going to be absolutely exceptional.«

– And now: breathe.


Destruction Live In Singapore

Destruction Live In Singapore

German Thrash Giant ini bakal bertandang ke kota singa. Info tiket https://destruction.peatix.com

Nadhira Release Single “Hold Me Down”

Nadhira Release Single “Hold Me Down”

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 March 2018 — Malaysian artiste Nadhira returns to the music scene to entice her fans with a new single featuring local rapper SXPH, accompanied by a music video, Hold Me Down.

After the success of #AV in 2014 – a song featuring the collaborative effort amongst Nadhira and some of the region’s renowned female rappers – Nadhira is back to thrill her fans ears and eyes with a different sound and look.

A follow-up from her Julyer EP release last year,  Hold Me Down is Nadhira’s second single and was written based on a past relationship. The trap-infused-R&B track is a Bryan B production (previously worked with local and international artistes including Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, De Fam, Kilafairy and Sean Kingston), that strings gritty beats and a distinct, haunting tune together, a departure from her usual mellow, melodic sounds.

“A past break up was what inspired the song. Every lyric written was exactly what I experienced in that relationship – when you’re finally ready to move on from the heartbreak, they come back and try to pull you back in, which is not a healthy thing to do. When Saph (SXPH) came in and added his flavour to it, it became an even bigger sound to me. Then, images were coming to my mind. Visually, I wanted Hold Me Down to be different, timeless and strong, yet simple at the same time. And that kind of lead to the concept of the music video,” said Nadhira.

The music video was a collaborative effort with Homegrown Productions, dancers, makeup artists and stylists to help bring Nadhira’s vision to reality. Directed by Afiq Zulkifli, the music video overall has a menacing mood to it with sand dunes as the main backdrop, giving a dystopian feel.  The video is complete with the singer stylishly draped in billowy outfits, backed up by dancers and an appearance by SXPH.

“Hold Me Down is an exciting project for me and I hope this reaches a wider audience. As an independent singer and songwriter, I hope to keep putting out new music like this and remind people to appreciate and support the efforts local talents make to improve the music industry,” said Nadhira.

Expect Nadhira’s  future performances and next single release before year-end. For updates, follow her on her social media.

Listen to Hold Me Down now on:






Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/nadhiramusic

Twitter – www.twitter.com/nadhiramusic

Instagram – www.instagram.com/nadhiramusic

Website – http://www.nadhiramusic.com/



KUALA LUMPUR – 26th February 2018 – One of the 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) screening film – <AQERAT> had its press conference on 26th February (Monday), 12 pm at Sungei Wang. The director, Edmund Yeo attended the press conference to share his movie with the media. <AQERAT> has been confirmed will be releasing on 26th February in TGV cinemas, Suria KLCC and having a Q&A session after the screening on 2nd March 2018.

When Yeo was asked whether he is disappointed about he is not nominated in the 2nd Malaysia Golden Global Awards, he stated that “I am not disappointed but our hope will focus on Daphne Low.  ” Yeo also said that he and Daphne Low have a close relationship because they has collaborate more than 4 times in this 5 years. Yeo has stated that they had met several difficulties when they are shooting for the film as that time was monsoon season. However, they had overcome it and successfully done the filming in 10 days duration as planned.

Yeo is the first Malaysian to win in the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) and took home the best director award. He wanted to provoke thought about the dilemma of the Rohingya with his movie <AQERAT>. His feature debut <River of Exploding Durians> also made its world premiere at TIFF three years ago. He also has a documentary about Malaysian film director Yasmin Ahmad, called “Yasmin-san” premiering at TIFF. While the film’s leading actress in <AQERAT>, Daphne Low who starring as main protagonist Hui Ling carries the film well despite its heavy subject matter. She received the new Tokyo Gemstone Award, which honours up-and-coming actors and actresses.

The storyline of <AQERAT> was inspired by mass graves of people, thought to be mainly Rohingya human trafficking victims, which were discovered near Malaysia’s border with Thailand in 2015. <AQERAT> also interestingly uses both Malay and Mandarin, which adds a different dimension to the film.

Following Tokyo, Singapore International Film Festival and Kerala International Film Festival, <AQERAT> will finally come home and screened at the 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival. It will be the premiere screening in its own country after done screening on the festival circuit. Yeo will bring along Low to attend the Q&A session as well on 2nd March 2018 after the screening.

Malaysia International Film Festival is to build a unique experience of Malaysian arts and culture to a world-wide audience. The film festival will be held from 25th February to 2nd March 2018 at Sungei Wang. Online ticket sale for the section films will be available via Ticket Charge website www.ticketcharge.com.my or contact ticketing hotline 03 – 9222 8811. For more information, please visit the official MIFFest social media page, contact us at 03 – 5622 1600 or email to pr@mgga.com.my for further information.